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Dog Friendly Society Becoming Reality

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Dog ownership rates in western countries have increased to between 40 and 45% in 2017.There are almost 90 million pet dogs in US alone.California, New York, Florida and Tennessee have all recently relaxed laws regarding pets in restaurants.With increased numbers and more dog friendly places to visit, there are more dogs in the public space than ever before.

Community planners and dog lifestyle advocates from New York to New Zealand are realizing the benefits of a uniformly dog friendly society.Hundreds of neighborhoods world-wide have become puppy paradises, where dogs are not only tolerated but they are encouraged!

Business owners in dog friendly neighborhoods are realizing the added benefit of new customers frequenting their establishment with dogs.Astute business leaders in hospitality and retail are now marketing directly to dog owners.Whole communities are being designed and outfitted with pets in mind.

In many of these dog sanctuaries, you will notice funky little dog hitches mounted around town.Doghook Inc., a San Diego startup is pioneering this dog friendly revolution by offering simple, effective and attractive canine hitches. “Doghooks,” aptly named, allow dog owners to quickly and safely secure dogs when they need an extra hand.

Every dog owner knows that managing leashes while performing daily tasks or while eating can be challenging.These heavy-duty dog hitches are not just for veterinarians and groomers any more.Making your community a puppy paradise has never been easier, check out www.Doghook.com.

Doghook Summer Safety

Summer is here!  Spending more time with your pup outside is one of the best things about summer.  Longer days and warmer temperatures mean packed outdoor patios at dog friendly bars and restaurants.Check out the new edition of Modern Dog Magazine where we are featured in the Summer Fun section!  We also have a 20% off coupon code on page 93 of [...]

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Thank You to Local Dog Friendly Restaurants

We would like to thank all of our local San Diego restaurants for supporting pet safety and the dog friendly lifestyle that we all enjoy. We take pride in supporting locally owned and operated independent businesses. Some of the best dog friendly establishments in San Diego are listed below.  They all have Doghooks, please check them out!-Voltaire Beach [...]

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Puppy Paradise in Ocean Beach, San Diego

Puppy Paradise in Ocean Beach,CAIf there was ever a puppy paradise on Earth it may be Ocean Beach, San Diego, California.  There are certain communities that cater to dogs more than others.  Ocean Beach with its expansive dog beach, multiple off leash dog parks, general dog friendliness, and absolute walk-ability sets a high bar for the most dog [...]

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Doghook makes the world’s best dog leash hitches even better for 2017

Have you ever needed an extra hand while holding your dog’s leash?  Have you ever wanted to park your dog safely at a home or business?  If so, you need a Doghook.Doghook products are pioneering a new era of dog safety by offering simple, effective, and attractive canine hitches. Doghook Inc. is a design and manufacturing company started in 2013, [...]

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