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As devoted dog parents we knew how difficult it was to go out to eat, shop, or travel with our pets.

Why not build Doghooks for those businesses? Vets, shelters, and pet professionals agreed.

After many design and material improvements, we present the current line of Doghooks. They are truly the strongest, highest quality product of this kind ever to be brought to market.

We would like to thank our friends, neighbors and our fearless stunt dogs. Suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated, so give us a call or send us a message through our contact page. We'd love to hear from you!



Brian Hoffman is the founder, co-owner and CEO of Doghook Inc. in San Diego CA. As a dog dad, Brian was repeatedly concerned about dogs tied up precariously  outside of local businesses. In 2013 he designed and fabricated some heavy-duty steel hook plates and installed them for the businesses in his neighborhood, North Park. The original Doghooks were an immediate hit, and all are still in use today.  

Brian continues to invent simple, useful devices that make life better for people and animals.

When not working on boats or fiddling in his shop, Brian is an avid cyclist, surfer and snowboarder. Brian and long-time girlfriend, Jannine, love to take Ahab and Sally (their Jack Russell Terrier and Schnauzer) everywhere they go.




Katrina LeBlanc is co-owner and Director of Operations.  She has a fierce devotion to family, both two and four legged, and Doghook, Inc. is part of that family.  Katrina has been a pioneer of Doghook, since the start in 2012! She is dedicated to keeping dogs safe, while keeping our four-legged family out and about with us at all times.  Katrina keeps the operations running smoothly while two of the Doghook mascots sleep comfortably under her desk. She also lives in Ocean Beach-San Diego, considered one of the most dog friendly towns, where she has installed several Doghooks at local restaurants and businesses in the area.

Katrina’s two boys Tom Petty Le Spongieux & Soul Rebel Dumpstafunk give all doghook products two paws up and are currently active Doghook mascots.

When not working with Doghooks, ebike cargo systems, or boats, Katrina loves to spend time with family and friends. Her passions include music, several outdoor activities, anything related to the ocean or in the mountains and travel!!!!! Love what you do and where you live, and who you do these things with, and you will be happy!!!!!