Doghook makes the world’s best dog leash hitches even better for 2017

Have you ever needed an extra hand while holding your dog’s leash?  Have you ever wanted to park your dog safely at a home or business?  If so, you need a Doghook.

Doghook products are pioneering a new era of dog safety by offering simple, effective, and attractive canine hitches. 

Doghook Inc. is a design and manufacturing company started in 2013, based in San Diego, CA. 

As dog owners, we perceived a need for a safe and easy way to tether our dogs while we were out and about.  

We would like to thank our customers for their continuing support in our mission; to make the world a safer and more inclusive place for dogs and their owners.

Doghook’s new Easy Clip canine hitch combines our heavy duty hook plate linked with a specially designed carabiner.  The result is a dog restraint that can install to any surface which provides a secure connection with all available dog leashes. 

The Doghook Easy Clip can mount to any sturdy surface with the provided fastener kit.  Installation is simple and typically takes 5 minutes.

Doghook Easy Clip dog leash hitch

Owning a dog comes with certain responsibilities, most importantly keeping your dog safe. 

Our dog leash hooks can make your home or business a safer place for the dogs in your life.

Around the House: Inside or outside of entry doors, make getting ready for walks safe and easy.  On the front porch or in the garage, safely relax or work with your pup.

Pet Professionals:Veterinarians, groomers, kennels, dog day cares, rescues, trainers and dog washes all love Doghooks.

Food Service:Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, breweries, wine pubs, ice cream and yogurt shops, juice bars and carry outs are attracting new customers with Doghooks.

At the Office:Large corporations mom and pop businesses with pet friendly policies have embraced Doghooks as a way to keep their offices safe and productive for all.

Retail / Other:Retail stores, corner stores, shopping centers, public restrooms, playgrounds, parks, gyms, fitness centers, community common areas and Little Free Libraries have all discovered how useful Doghooks can be.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to keep dogs safe.Please email suggestions and comments to