This is the best Doghook ever! I used a cable and ground steak but cable kept getting caught in the deck slats. With the Doghook it is so easy, design looks great. I use a horse lunge line rope and have absolutely no problems with tangling. This is the best investment I ever made. Staff at this organization is wonderful! They bent over backwards helping me get the Doghook that I needed even when the Doghook I purchased wasn't even on the market yet. This is #1 customer service and product!!!!


We have 2 dog hooks. One is in the waiting room for clients to put their pets on while checking out and one is in the treatment room so the technicians can put the pet on the hook while they are prepping for whatever procedure is needed. It works great in that the technicians no longer have to stand and hold the pet's leash while waiting for another technician to get ready for the procedure.


I own a veterinary hospital and we LOVE these stylish and sturdy hooks


Saw this at my vet's office and had been looking for something like it to put on the front porch of our house.  I ordered one, they sped it to me and we put it up the same day it arrived.  It works so well for our 60lb black lab/hound dog (Kasey, aka 'the runner'!)  She is now able to enjoy our Colorado sunsets with us thanks to the dog hook.  We have a brick house so ordered the masonry hardware kit and it went up easily and is very attractive.  We will recommend it to all our dog loving friends and family.  Thanks for a great product. - Posted by Stephen & Karen on 28th Aug 2014


I purchased a Standard hook and couldn't be more pleased.  I was looking for a way for members of our community to secure their furry friends while they browsed through our Little Free Library and this product was perfect!  Shipping was super fast, from California to NJ in 3 days.  The wood mounting hardware was super duty as well.  I would, and do highly recommend this product and company!  I will order more in the future.


I needed to replace some hooks we purchased at a local hardware store because certain leashes wouldn't stay attached.  I came across the Doghook ad and purchase 2 to try.  Really solid, nice looking and most importantly all types of leashes stay attached.  Easy to install.  Would definitely buy more.


Just wanted to drop a line to say how pleased I am with your product. It was exactly what I needed. We have a seven month old Giant Schnauzer "puppy" who weighs 80+ lbs. When I enter our mudroom I would hook his leash onto the door knob so that he would stay put while I put my coat, etc. away. It only took him a few times to figure out how to pull his leash off and break the door mechanism in the process. I put up the Doghook yesterday and it works perfectly. The dog can't figure out why he can't free himself. He now just lays down and waits patiently. Thanks for a great product. -- William D.


I own a dog grooming/retail shop in Chula Vista. I needed to install some dog hitches for the safety and convenience of my clients but could not find any attractive ones that were sturdy. I was looking on Pinterest and saw this website. I love the modern look of these hitches and was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered one item and because of some confusion the owner Brian came out to my shop to deliver it in person. I asked if he had other ones to sell and he brought out his samples. I bought three more on the spot. Not only did he deliver in person but he installed them for me where I wanted them. Fantastic service and very personable. I think restaurants, dog grooming shops, vets, even everyday people will like this high quality attractive product. -- Cielo M.


I noticed this product is installed at one of my favorite little spots in Ocean Beach to have dinner "OB Noodle 1502". I take my dog a lot of places with me and never has product been more effective and sturdy for tie up of my beloved family member. I might add my dog is well over 100 lbs and this product is durable enough to hold him securely. I also noticed and used them at another restaurant located downtown in San Diego. I was excited to see them, since downtown is so busy I really want to know my dog is on a effective tie up hook. Thanks for keeping my dog safe, happy and me hands free when dinning. -- L. B.


I would just like to thank you for supplying such a fantastic quality product, I am an very impressed with them and they look fantastic outside my new dog grooming parlour. I will recommend them to other people around our island. -- Thanks, Simon De La Mare